The TRU team

Who’s who?

Vanessa Morini

CEO | Owner

Vanessa is the driving force behind TRU. With nearly twenty years of experience, she knows the industry like no other. As an expert in critical environment cleaning at Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi, she gained first-hand experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. She is also an expert in the cGMP quality assurance system.

As her ambitions grew, so did the need for specialised cleaning companies. This prompted her to set up the Expert Cleaning Business Unit at Care NV. In doing so, she filled a gap in the market and became a valued sparring partner.

Wanting to make a bigger impact in her own way, Vanessa founded TRU in 2019. With a focus on 100% cleanroom cleaning and clear core values, the business flourished under her leadership and became a leading industry player. At TRU, everyone is future-focused.

Wouter Heggerick

Business Development Manager

Wouter is the Business Development Manager at TRU. His strength is explaining our strengths in detail. As the first point of contact at TRU, he is happy to discuss our services and explain what you can expect from us and what we can do for you.

Wouter has been involved in the cleaning sector since 2016, having started as a team lead and then working his way up to district manager. Despite excelling in these operational roles, he was hungry for more. In 2021, he crossed paths with former colleague Vanessa and he decided to join the TRU team. Wouter spots opportunities and plays a key role in the companies continued growth.

His enthusiasm is contagious and the only form of contamination we tolerate on the work floor! Customers don’t want a slick salesperson but a highly skilled expert who speaks from the heart. Feel free to contact him to discuss what TRU can do for your organisation.

Inge Akkermans

Operational Lead

Curious, committed and empathetic are the three words that best describe Inge. She has a discerning eye and a clear mission: to ensure customer and employee satisfaction. Why? Because job satisfaction and ambassadorship go hand in hand. Her years of experience with customer loyalty are a major asset.

Creating a pleasant work environment is Inge’s top priority. Despite the challenge of such a large geographical area, she manages to inspire unity in the team. This is also thanks to our motivated colleagues!

Inge wants to feel a connection with her work environment, which is why she always does her research beforehand. With the help of an in-depth interview and a company visit, she explores the ins and outs of your organisation to identify your needs and deploy the right people. You can trust Inge to come up with the perfect approach to suit your wishes and requirements.

Want to know more about us? We’d love to learn more about you! Feel free to contact us for an obligation-free appointment to discuss our methods and approach.

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