The biggest threat in your production room during the production of pharmaceutical drugs?


This makes thorough cleaning of your equipment essential. Think of mobile tanks, filters, flexibles, centrifuges, reactors etc. We clean both the product contact side and the exterior of your equipment in accordance with the latest regulatory standards.

tru equipment cleaning apparaten reinigen

Increase your productivity

by up to 30%

vertalingen toevoegen equipment cleaning
Sectors like the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are constantly growing. As a result, there is a huge demand for technical and scientific talent. At the same time, workloads continue to rise because of increasing complexity, production processes are changing ever more rapidly, and it has become harder and harder to find the right profiles.

All this while operators are spending roughly 30% of their time carrying out repetitive tasks such as equipment cleaning. Why not outsource this job to a professional so your operators can focus on their core activities? This will allow you to boost your production capacity by up to 30%!

Continuity and expertise


Besides continuity, TRU Cleanroom Cleaning offers you extensive expertise in clean-room and equipment cleaning. We train technical operators in accordance with the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotechnical sectors and adopt the ‘Training Within Industry’ approach.

Thanks to CEO Vanessa Morini’s years of experience , we are able to meet the most demanding equipment cleaning needs of the sector, both at a technical and chemical level. We ensure an efficient communication structure and we employ a proactive, strategic approach. Together, we strive to achieve the best possible result.

Do you want to boost the production capacity of your organisation by up to 30% by outsourcing your cleaning to a professional partner?

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