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Outsourcing your cleanroom cleaning and disinfection to a specialised partner is highly recommended. However, if you prefer to use your own employees, we offer professional cleanroom cleaning training.

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Why invest in a training programme?

Professional cleanroom cleaning is a true artform. It’s vastly different from standard cleaning and requires much more attention to detail.

Why are the rules so strict? To guarantee the safety of your employees and the quality of your end product. The wrong cleaning technique, inadequate materials and outdated habits can potentially contaminate your cleanroom.

What can you expect from us?

TRU will develop a custom training programme for you, based on a detailed audit of the cleaning methods in your cleanrooms and sterile rooms. We will share our expert knowledge with your employees and offer targeted advice.

All TRU training programmes contain the following elements:

  • What is a cleanroom?
  • How does a cleanroom work?
  • What causes contamination?
  • How do you clean a cleanroom?
  • What is the best cleaning sequence?
  • How important are good cleanroom practices?
  • How is cleanroom cleaning different from regular cleaning?
  • Which materials should you use and avoid?
  • Which techniques are indispensable for removing invisible dirt?

Depending on the work environment and the knowledge level, we may cover some topics in more detail than others. For example, chemists who work in a hospital setting will understand what microorganisms are, but may need a more in-depth explanation of cleaning techniques and gowning procedures.

Our comprehensive approach will prepare your team for implementing what they’ve learned in practice. We will cover all issues pertaining to cleanroom practices.

Our internal training programmes

You don’t just become a cleanroom cleaning expert overnight. The right knowledge and mentality are crucial for getting the job done right. This is even more true for our own employees. Following a strict selection procedure, an off-site training programme and a special on-site training programme, our new employees are ready to be deployed. All of our cleanroom cleaners receive an annual refresher course to update their knowledge.

Do you want to entrust your employees with the cleaning and disinfection of your cleanrooms?

We can develop a custom cleanroom training programme for you. Contact us for more information.

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