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only a clean room if it is cleaned by

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Three steps to a spotless cleanroom

are your guarantee of a perfect result.

Many companies consider cleanroom cleaning to be an easy, routine task – but it’s not. Optimal cleaning is a complex process that takes considerable training and practice.

Our three-step approach guarantees the perfect result.

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Laying the foundation: a well-planned cleaning programme

TRU Cleanroom Cleaning has extensive in-house expertise. Our starting point for cleaning your cleanroom is a well-thought-out and expertly substantiated cleaning and disinfection programme.

We develop this programme based on a thorough analysis of the cleanroom class, the contaminants present, and the flow of materials and personnel, among other things.

Your cleaning and disinfection programme includes the responsibilities, the cleaning tasks and cleaning frequency, the materials and cleaning agents, and the cleaning methods used.

Each cleaning is accurately documented on paper or in a digital system that meets the requirements of 21 CRF Part 11, Annex 11.


Selecting the right cleanroom cleaners

Once your cleaning programme has been developed, we will select the right cleaners for you.

All our employees have a keen eye for detail and receive continuous theoretical and on-the-job training in cleanroom behaviour and the latest cleaning methods.

The employees chosen to clean your cleanroom will receive specific training to understand and respect your procedures. You can expect specialised and highly qualified professionals!


Expert monitoring

Our employees receive on-site guidance to ensure a flawless start.

We monitor their work effort continuously and check the quality of their work and their documentation.

We also have a trained back-up available for each employee, which enables us to meet all cleaning agreements and deadlines.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach or if you’d like to have your cleanroom cleaned by an expert, please contact us.

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