A Cleanroom is

only a clean room if it is cleaned by

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cleaning procedures

Did our Free scan determine that certain methods, techniques, or materials you use do not meet the industry standards? Do you want to know exactly which steps to take to comply with these rules? We would be happy to carry out a detailed audit.

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Expert review

of your procedures

During the audit, our experts will critically review your cleaning procedures and focus on all aspects that directly or indirectly influence them. They will present their findings and their recommendations in a clear and comprehensive report. This will give you a step-by-step plan for improving your procedures.



In addition to conducting a thorough audit of your cleaning procedures, we can also determine whether your team cleans according to the rules and regulations. This is essential to ensuring the sterility of your cleanroom. During the audit, the ultimate test will be determining the cleanliness of your cleanroom surfaces. Our PDL lights can detect particles up to 2 μm.

We will compile the results of this on-site audit in a detailed report with concrete recommendations for improvement

Would you like to request an audit or entrust us with your cleanroom cleaning? Feel free to contact us.

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