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With a unique focus and a people-oriented vision, we create impact for people, companies and society.

Vanessa Morini, CEO

What can TRU do for you?

TRU Consultancy

Are you looking for an experienced advisor in the field of cleanroom hygiene? You can count on TRU. With years of practical experience in cleanroom cleaning, we are the perfect partner for custom advice. Sharing experience means expanding your knowledge!

TRU Critical Cleaning

Respect the complexity of your cleanroom and equipment cleaning instead of seeing it as a standard task. Our cleanroom cleaning specialists are given comprehensive general training followed by specific on-the-job training. They uphold the highest quality standards when working for your company. TRU specialises in:

  • Cleanroom cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning

TRU Connection

The entire TRU team is committed to achieving the same goal: providing your company with the highest quality service. This involvement is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. There is always room for feedback and improvement on the work floor, as this benefits everyone. Thanks to our specialisation and dedication, you can always count on the TRU experience.

TRU: a meaningful acronym

Truthentic approach

As an indispensable link in our customers’ processes, we bear a tremendous responsibility. We do everything we can to prevent contamination and protect lives. Given the extreme complexity of our field, authenticity is crucial. Robust operations and clear communication are a top priority.

Revolutionary impact

In addition to economic objectives, we also share social ambitions with our customers. We create an environment that complies with the strictest hygiene standards so our customers can focus on what they do best: developing innovative medications, medical devices and biotechnology. In this way, we are creating impact on various levels. From people and patients to companies and society.

Unique focus

We are the only Belgian company dedicated exclusively to the critical cleaning of cleanrooms and equipment. It is this unique focus that sets us apart. Our specialisation results in greater safety and lays the foundation for our talented employees and our professional training programmes.

Who’s who?

We do business with people, not companies. This is why we are happy to introduce you to the people behind our services.

Meet our core team!

TRU Team

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