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Vanessa Morini

CEO | Co-founder

The driving force behind TRU Cleanroom Cleaning is CEO and co-founder Vanessa Morini, your primary contact and facilitator for the cleaning and disinfection of your cleanroom. Vanessa heads a team of highly trained cleaners who are dedicated to carrying out your assignment.

Extensive experience

Vanessa has worked for several reputable companies over the past fourteen years, including J&J and Sanofi. She was the subject matter expert for critical environmental cleaning in two domains: active pharmaceutical ingredients and biopharmacy. She also gained experience in the scale-up and cGMP production of medicine and served as the spokesperson for all cGMP inspections.

Other end of the spectrum

In 2016, Vanessa made the switch to Care nv, where she founded the Care Expert Cleaning business unit. Her job at Care nv allowed her to share her knowledge, passion, and dedication with her customers. At J&J and Sanofi, she had worked on the other end of the spectrum: selecting partners for cleanroom cleaning. As a result, she understood exactly what cleanroom clients needed. This experience helped her bring in new customers as well.

The decision to specialise

TRU Cleanroom Cleaning focuses exclusively on cleanroom cleaning. As Steve Jobs so eloquently put it: ‘People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are.’
Do you want to work with a partner dedicated to cleaning your company? We would be happy to work out a proposal in collaboration with one of our partner companies. TRU focuses exclusively on its core business, cleanroom cleaning, in order to offer the highest possible quality.

Responding to increasing demand

Vanessa enjoyed helping customers with their cleanroom cleaning challenges and wanted to do more. The standards became increasingly strict and the need for specialised cleaning and disinfection partners was on the rise. This prompted Vanessa to found TRU Cleanroom Cleaning in 2019, along with four industry partners.

Knowledge acquisition

Vanessa looks forward to sharing her extensive knowledge with your company. She will conduct a thorough audit of your company’s cleanroom cleaning procedures, which includes an analysis and specific advice about your procedures and the current situation in your cleanrooms.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach or if you’re looking for a cleanroom cleaning partner,

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