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Welcome to TRU, your partner in professional cleanroom cleaning. As specialized and experienced cleanroom cleaners, we will clean your controlled production environment according to fixed procedures. The result is a spotless cleanroom that meets strict industry standards.

Vanessa Morini, CEO | Co-founder

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hygiene standards

The highest guaranteed

Hygiene is the keyword in your production process. Your employees wear special cleanroom clothing and respect strict safety protocols. Nevertheless, it is essential to have your cleanroom professionally cleaned and / or disinfected on a regular basis. This will help ensure proper hygiene and reduce the risk of contamination. The professionals at TRU Cleanroom Cleaning look forward to helping you!

Count on the experts

from specialists

Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting a cleanroom requires a step-by-step plan and expert knowledge. Products, procedures, and contact time are just a few of the key focal areas.
If you choose TRU to clean or disinfect your cleanroom, we will uphold your cleanroom’s validated status and ensure that you can continue to work according to the strictest hygiene standards.

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